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  • This is a generation that is not just hungry for big faith, but for a big faith that is lived out in the practical, mundane things we do and the decisions that we make everyday. What does it look like to follow God and live out this faith in our relationships, at our jobs, in conflict, in suffering, with money? Faith can move mountains, but it can also change our everyday circumstances, so we are going to look at God’s word to do that in one of the most practical, yet misunderstood, books of the Bible - Proverbs. Proverbs doesn’t show us a set of rules, but a different way to live that is so attractive, so fragrant, flowing through our lives, actions, relationships, and work, and drawing people to Christ. Together, we are going to discover what it looks like to do these things, not perfectly, but in good faith, trying our best to obey God and His way of life.

  • Event description

    For 2019, we have moved to a one day format for the simulcast, but you can expect the same outstanding worship, conversation, and atmosphere. Like in years past, there will special room rates for those who would like to stay at the Northern during the event. Reservations at the Northern must be made by February 8th. When making reservations, please mention either IF:Billings or Faith E to be included in the block rate. Coffee and morning snacks will be provided in addition to lunch at the event. IF:Billings wants to extend an invitation to the teens in our community for 2019! This event is for you too and we want you to feel welcome to take your places alongside women of every generation. We need each other! We encourage you to gather your girls after the event and go out to eat downtown! Make it a girls night and continue the sense of community with friends new and old!

    Registration Fee: $20

  • Dates

    March 9, 2019
    from 9:00am to 4:30pm
  • Address

    Northern Hotel
    19 N Broadway
    Billings, Montana 59102
    United States
  • Event Hosts

    Kelly Kamps

    Lindsay Blackburn

    Leanne Swanson

  • Additional Event Offerings

  • Meal(s)

    The Northern will again be providing us with an outstanding lunch during the event. You won't have to worry about a thing!

  • Register $20
  • Attendees

    • Andrea Huck
    • Alisa Vandersloot
    • Sue Watt
    • Amy Hall
    • Amy Harmala
    • Maria Arredondo
    • Beth McCotter
    • Melinda Biel Biel
    • Cheri Kaufman
    • Kim Craig
    • Connie Watts
    • Darcey Fatzinger
    • Denise Tysver
    • Heather Mosser
    • Diane Morledge-Hampton
    • Marge Seader
    • Theo Gonzales
    • Heather Rein
    • Heidi Grevious
    • Rebecca Hedegaard
    • Jen Quanbeck
    • Jessica Finley
    • Jennifer Lapierre
    • Jolyn Todd
    • Jaime Ouradnik
    • Joyce Elliott
    • Joy Holman
    • Ela Bloyder
    • Kami Doughty
    • Sarah Marie Cook
    • Kelle Coughlin
    • Kari Schoening
    • Kelsey Ranney
    • Britney Landis
    • Laurie Houde
    • Leann Sowers
    • Lexi Webster
    • Rachel Finneman
    • Lindsay Blackburn
    • Gisela Maehl
    • Amber Craig
    • Felicia Burg
    • Megan Lewis
    • Amber Miller
    • Kali Moore
    • Diane Browder
    • Sally Birkelo
    • Sue Riley
    • LaVonna Robinson
    • Carolyn Osik
    • Amanda Pabich
    • Marion Perrin
    • Teresa Eckert
    • Peggy Eckert
    • Lynn Olson
    • Peggy Sharbono
    • Jami Hiller
    • Melodee Skiles
    • Shanda Putman
    • Stephanie Lee
    • Tana Madill
    • Wendy Nelson
    • Whitney Medina
    • Heather Zerbe